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Design Collaboration - Lawrence Lam

Rubix Cube Lamps - Collaboration work by Cebu Homecraft and Lawrence Lam

Crafting Light: A Collaboration Between Cebu Homecraft Consolidated Inc. and Lawrence Lam

At Cebu Homecraft Consolidated Inc., we've always believed in the transformative power of collaboration and craftsmanship. This belief was once again brought to life in our recent partnership with the talented designer, Lawrence Lam. This partnership was facilitated by the DTI and CFIF through their Obra Design Master Class program.

The Concept

Lawrence Lam's vision was to bring the playful complexity of the Rubik's Cube into the realm of home decor. The result? Two stunning lamps, each a testament to the beauty of structured chaos. The designs are centered around stacked cubes, each cube measuring 15cm by 15cm by 15cm, arranged meticulously on a centerpiece iron bar. The foundation of these artistic pieces is a 25cm square metal plate, powder-coated in elegant black, ensuring stability and style.

The Challenge and the Craft

Crafting these lamps was a journey of precision and passion. The driftwood squares, each with its own unique character, were carefully selected and arranged 3 across by 3 wide on each side of the cubes. This required not just a keen eye for detail but a dedication to the material itself, celebrating its natural beauty and imperfections.

The floor lamp stands tall at 160cm, comprising 8 stacked cubes and is crowned with a lampshade measuring 27.5cm in height and 50cm in diameter, made from captivating brown captcha material on a metal frame. Its counterpart, the table lamp, reaches 75cm in height with 3 stacked cubes, and a similarly designed lampshade, albeit with a 40cm diameter, casting a warm, inviting glow.

The Result: The Rubix Lamps

These lamps are not just lighting fixtures; they are a statement of craftsmanship and collaboration. The floor light, with its towering presence, commands attention in any room, while the table light offers a more subtle nod to the innovative design, perfect for intimate spaces.

Special Edition Rubix Lamps
Special Edition Rubix Lamps
(These special edition lamps include lamp shades with special material fabric from Cebu Interlace Weavers Corp)

Rubix Lamps
Rubix Lamps

In partnership with Lawrence Lam, Cebu Homecraft Consolidated Inc. has once again merged design with functionality. These lamps are a tribute to the materials that hold stories of the sea and the hands that shaped them, offering a piece of art that lights up rooms and lives.