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Design Collaboration - Astick Sugbo

Design Collaboration - Astick Sugbo

Cebu Homecraft and Astick Sugbo: Crafting Innovation

In the world of furniture design, where innovation meets tradition, Cebu Homecraft has once again set a benchmark by collaborating with designer Astick Sugbo. This partnership has culminated in the creation of four exceptional furniture pieces, which were prepared for unveiling at the Manila Fame Show,, held at the World Trade Center in Pasay, Manila, in October 2023.

A Collaboration Rooted in Excellence

Cebu Homecraft, known for its unparalleled expertise in utilizing driftwood and sustainable materials, has a rich history of collaborations with national and international designers. This time, joining forces with Astick Sugbo, they have embarked on a journey to blend artistic vision with sustainable craftsmanship. Astick's instrumental role in designing these pieces aligns perfectly with Cebu Homecraft's theme for the Manila Fame trade show, showcasing a seamless blend of creativity and environmental consciousness.

Innovative Designs Unveiled

The collaboration introduced two distinctive driftwood lounge chairs, each portraying a unique theme. One chair embodies the essence of night, treated with the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique to achieve a striking black finish, complemented by black chair cushions and dyed rattan rope. Its counterpart, inspired by purity and light, features driftwood lightened with bleach, white cushion covers, and bleached rattan rope. Built on robust aluminum frames, these chairs promise both style and comfort, with dimensions designed to offer a spacious seating experience.

Driftwood Accent Chair - Black

Driftwood Accent Chair - White

The partnership also unveiled two tables, each drawing inspiration from shuttlecocks. The accent table features a black theme with a concrete base and driftwood structure, crowned with a tempered glass top. Its design is a conversation starter, blending industrial and natural elements. The cocktail table, with its white-themed bases and expansive glass top, invites guests to gather around for a memorable experience.

Shuttlecock Driftwood Accent Table

Shuttlecock Driftwood Cocktail Table Set

A Themed Exhibition Stand

The black and white theme of Cebu Homecraft's stand at the Manila Fame Show was chosen to complement the new designs as well as existing pieces in similar finishes. The stand's design, with contributions from Astick Sugbo and collaboration with James Doran-Webb, created a cohesive and immersive environment that highlighted the natural beauty and artistic craftsmanship of the furniture.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

Cebu Homecraft expresses deep gratitude to Astick Sugbo for his contribution and collaboration, which has not only resulted in stunning furniture pieces but also in a memorable exhibition experience. This partnership underscores the power of collaboration in the design world, fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

As we look forward to future creations, Cebu Homecraft continues to invite design enthusiasts and environmentally conscious consumers to explore these new offerings. Each piece, a testament to the synergy between artistic vision and sustainable practices, is designed to inspire and transform spaces.