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About Cebu Homecraft

Celebrating 30 Years of Innovative Craftsmanship

Since its inception in 1994, Cebu Homecraft has been a vanguard in the Philippine industry, revolutionizing the use of natural and repurposed materials. Our journey has been one of innovation and excellence, crafting exceptional home and office furniture and interior accessories that blend design with functionality.

Our Journey

Cebu Homecraft Talamban Early 2000's

Beginning as a trailblazer in the Flower industry, we quickly gained recognition for our unique products like Abaca fiber sheet, Raffia bundles, and Tagasi fiber sheet.  In 2000, the renowned sculptor James Doran-Webb took the helm, infusing his extensive knowledge and flair for furniture and home accessory design into our operations. This partnership catalyzed the launch of our driftwood collections in 2004, featuring an exquisite array of furniture, functional art, and home accessories.

The past two decades have been a period of relentless creativity and collaboration. Working with James Doran-Webb and international designers, we've continuously innovated, incorporating materials like recycled denim, scrap metal, and tyres into stunning new collections.

Cebu Homecraft Manila Fame 2023

Our Ethos and Vision

Driftwood, our signature material, exemplifies our commitment to transforming the overlooked into the extraordinary. Our in-house design team crafts unique pieces, exported globally and increasingly sought after by individuals and interior designers in the Philippines.

In 2022, we opened our showroom doors to the public, offering an exclusive glimpse into our ever-evolving array of designs and craftsmanship.

Cebu Homecraft Show Room 2022

Our participation in leading home accessories and furniture exhibitions across Asia has established us as a benchmark in the industry.

Looking ahead, we aim to provide enduring security for our stakeholders and create timeless, appreciating furniture and art pieces for future generations.

Sustainability and Teamwork at Our Core

At Cebu Homecraft, sustainability is paramount. We prioritize the reuse of materials and ensure all natural resources, including shells, are sustainably sourced.

Our skilled team collaborates closely with our research and design department, fostering mutual growth and advancing our shared vision. We believe in fair compensation for our workforce, understanding their indispensable role in our success.

Reinvesting 10% of our profits into R&D and process development, we stay at the forefront of design innovation and operational efficiency.

Our Latest Creations and Global Reach

We're excited to present our latest collections, featuring unique furniture and home accessories. These pieces artfully combine ancient reengineered wood with both natural and recycled materials, epitomizing our commitment to innovative and sustainable design.

Cebu Homecraft is open for collaborations with global importers, and we welcome retailers and individual clients within the Philippines to explore our unique offerings.

Join Us in Crafting the Future

Embark on a journey of discovery with Cebu Homecraft, where each piece tells a story of heritage, innovation, and a vision for a sustainable future.