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Cebu Homecraft Consolidated is a company devoted to making unique and high-quality furniture and home accessories for a handful of loyal clients from around the world.

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Raw Driftwood
Shaped by Nature

Raw DriftwoodRaw Driftwood

Cebu Homecraft’s signature range is described as “Raw”. The pits and grooves of this long dead wood talk of decades of exposure to seasonal rain, hurricanes and the unrelenting tropical sun.

Upcycled Denim
Materials Re-purposed

upcycled DenimUpcycled Denim

Cebu Homecraft’s Upcycled Denim range marries two wonderful recycled materials, pre-owned jeans and decades dead driftwood. The finished piece evokes images of surf and sand, the pull of the tides and raw forces of nature.



Our Movement range was born in 2008 as a result of a collaboration between James Doran-Webb and Tess Pasola. The collection uses small pieces of long dead branches, carefully placed to flow in swathes across the surface of the product,

Bold, Contemporary, Timeless


Our “Gravity” range is possibly the most technically demanding of all our collections. Spanning a large range of functional home accessories from dining tables, cocktail and console tables to mirrors and hanging lights, the designs are bold, contemporary and yet timeless.

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