Our “Gravity” range is possibly the most technically demanding of all our collections. Spanning a large range of functional home accessories from dining tables, cocktail and console tables to mirrors and hanging lights, the designs are bold, contemporary and yet timeless.

Each sphere is machined from large slabs of decades dead driftwood. We sand the ball to a 600 grit and polish to a high sheen. Balls are assembled adjacent to one another and holes are drilled where the balls connect. Stainless steel rods are inserted into the drill holes and welded onto other connectors creating a structural lattice work of rust resistant metal that is hidden from view within the driftwood ball. Our craftsmen cut and weld legs from second life stainless steel which is again polished to a high sheen. Each piece is unique and hand made to our clients’ specifications.

Featured items

Gravity Center Table

Shaped long dead driftwood and metal. 110cm × 110cm × 35cm (w×d×h)

Gravity Big Bang Mirror

Shaped Long dead driftwood, scrap metal and mirror. 90cm × 30cm × 160cm (w×d×h)

Gravity Console Table

Long dead driftwood and recycled stainless steel. 180cm × 45cm × 85cm (w×d×h)

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