Upcycled Denim

Cebu Homecraft’s Upcycled Denim range marries two wonderful recycled materials, pre-owned jeans and decades dead driftwood. The finished piece evokes images of surf and sand, the pull of the tides and raw forces of nature.

The pieces in the Upcycled Denim range are conceptualised by James Doran-Webb in collaboration with well known designers; Tes Pasola and Detlef Klatt. The wood and metal structures are made by Cebu Homecraft’s talented craftsmen and upholstered by the ladies of Cebu Homecraft’s outreach program, Bantayan Crafts.

The upholstery can be detached to allow dry cleaning. The wood benefits from a beeswax shine every couple of months or so.

Featured items

Denim Vortex tub Chair

upcycled denim, metal scrap & waste wood.
100cm × 100cm × 80cm (w×d×h)

Denim Pincushion Bench

upcycled denim, waste wood, recycled metal & rebonded foam.
90cm × 40cm × 45cm (w×d×h)

Denim Puff Tangent Lounge Chair

Recycled denim, metal scrap & waste wood.
60cm × 60cm × 95cm (w×d×h)

Denim Pincushion Tub Chair

upcycled denim, metal scrap & waste wood and rebonded foam.
98cm × 98cm × 78cm (w×d×h)

Denim Pincushion Ottoman

Recycled denim, metal, rebonded foam and waste wood.
45cm × 45cm × 45cm (w×d×h)

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