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For 29 years Cebu Homecraft has led the Philippines in the processing and manipulation of natural and second life materials.

Cebu Homecraft was founded in 1994 and within 10 years became the most influential Philippine producer and supplier of accessories to the Flower industry, pioneering such products as Abaca fiber sheet (abaca scrunch), Raffia in bundles, Tagasi fiber sheet, amongst many others.

World-renowned sculpture James Doran-Webb took over the company in 2000, and brought to Cebu Homecraft his considerable knowledge and experience with furniture and home accessories design. Combining James Doran-Webb's design and manufacturing guidance with Cebu Homecraft's unparalleled expertise and resourcefulness finding and working with natural materials, the first driftwood collections launched in 2004, comprising of furniture, functional art and home accessories.

Cebu Homecraft’s core material is driftwood, an underappreciated material often discarded as waste. Utilizing in-house design, Cebu Homecraft manufactures unique furniture and accessories for export to a handful of selected customers globally, and also wholesale and privately for the local Philippine market. Recently, Cebu Homecraft opened its show-room to the public for visits by appointment, an ever-changing showcase of the company’s talents and latest designs, produced and placed in the showroom directly from the factory floor. Unique concepts and furniture pieces are available in the showroom which are one-off designs, you will not find them in stores or elsewhere on the market.

Cebu Homecraft is a master at presenting, having showcased products across Asia in the industry’s leading home accessories and furniture exhibitions.

The company’s vision is to build a strong foundation to provide security for its stakeholders, while continuing to make furniture and functional art that will stand the test of time and appreciation in value as pieces are passed onto future generations.

Cebu Homecraft values the reuse of materials, and ensuring all natural materials are from sustainable resources, such as shell incorporated into selected designs. Within the last 10 years, Cebu Homecraft has utilized recycled Denim fabric to produce a stunning range of designer furniture chairs, benches and stools.

Core to Cebu Homecraft, the team of skilled workers work hand in hand with the research and design team to continually advance each other’s skillset to advance the company vision. Great care is taken to ensure each worker at every step of the design and manufacture process is compensated at above industry levels in the knowledge that without them the company is an empty shell.

The company continually reinvests 10% of company profits into R&D and process development. This ensures that designs are ever-changing and the processes are cutting edge in terms of efficiency, affordability and quality.

Cebu Homecraft is proud to present its latest exquisite range of furniture and home accessories, handcrafted unique designs utilizing reengineered ancient wood, incorporating both natural and recycled materials.

Cebu Homecraft welcomes working with importers globally, and retailers or individuals within the Philippines.

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