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Cebu Homecraft Consolidated inc.

Cebu Homecraft Consolidated is a company devoted to making unique and high-quality furniture and home accessories for a handful of loyal clients from around the world.

Homecraft is unequalled in its ability to create and assemble fine, hand-crafted furniture and lighting from natural and second-life materials. This has been our mission for the last 30 years, a long time before such a calling became fashionable. We have an insatiable appetite for exploring and mastering new processes and materials. Our range is constantly updated with exciting new additions. Collaborating with the designers from across the world, an array of diversely exquisite pieces is guaranteed.

Mass production and sacrificing quality for cost is not our speciality. Rather, we strive to explore our own little niche in the home accessory market, offering products that are not found elsewhere. We are happy to devote resources and invest hours of legwork to develop new products for our customers.

Such a productive R&D; department leads inevitably to wonderful concept pieces.

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Cebu Homecraft Consolidated Inc.
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